Commercial Work

We go to extraordinary lengths to create for our clients content that engages their audience emotionally, intellectually and authentically.  No better medium than video content exists in today’s fast paced, internet driven world to get your message across to your people, whether they’re new or existing customers or your own staff. The internet is the world’s most powerful marketing tool, and, quite simply, people are attracted to content that interests them.  So, content is the most effective way to attract, engage and convert prospects as well as the best way to inform, educate and maintain long term customers. Hixon Films produce first rate video and web content, within your  budget, to help you build your audience, your brand, and ultimately, your customer base.

Creating content for startups and small business owners excites us.  We were once a startup and we are a small business ourselves.  We take on your passion for your product or service to bring it to life and to help you reach higher levels of success.  And in collaboration with ad agencies or directly, working with global brands is equally exciting to us!  We love the challenge and thrill of working on broad marketing campaigns or internal communications to meet the brief.